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Investir em Cabo Verde - 23-04-2013

Cape Verde and Mozambique are two of the most attractive destinations for foreign investment in Africa in 2013, according to a document published in Lille by French consultancy StrategiCo.

In the “Risks in Africa 2013” report to which Macauhub had access, the consultancy noted a “change in perception” of foreign investors in relation to Africa, due to average growth of 4.8 percent this year, above the world average of 25 percent, according to the IMF. Figures from the World Bank showed that foreign direct investment (FDI) would rise 57 percent in two years to US$48.7 billion in 2014, it said.
Amongst the 12 “highlight” countries at the “top of the class” that “have combined peace and development” is Cape Verde, one of the few countries in Africa that has moved into the category of medium income country. StrategiCo highlights the “transformation” of the Cape Verdean economy, with agriculture changing from 14.4 percent of GDP in 1990 to between 8 and 9 percent and services rising to 77 percent, “demonstrating that the authorities have made the right choices in taking advantage of new opportunities that have opened up in the services sector”.

The “outlook is good in the medium term,” Although weaknesses remain, including public debt, which is in excess of 75 percent of GDP, which affects 21 percent of the active population and strong commercial dependence on the Euro Zone, whose crisis “may affect exports". “In the short and medium term there are opportunities in infrastructure, information technology, marine services and tourism. The country is planning to repair infrastructure in the medium term and construction may become an interesting sector,” said StrategiCo.

StrategiCo notes that China and India “continue to be the main players in Africa. Trade with China has been rising by 40 percent per year and “will increase” as will Asian investment, “especially because the perception of Africa has changed". The main investments are mining and oil, but also telecommunications and infrastructure.

StrategiCo also noted that Brazil “has a very close relationship with the Portuguese-speaking countries,” and others in the region, which is exemplified by the involvement of large companies such as Odebrecht and Vale. “Brazil wants to boost cooperation with Africa, including in the agricultural sector, where its skills are world renowned.”

Fonte: 2013-04-22, MacauHub

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